Monday, 4 March 2013

Run Fat B**** Run!

No i'm not being rude, Run Fat Bitch Run is an inspirational self help book by author Ruth Field, that's supposed to encourage you to take control and motivate you to start running (and keep running once you have the hang of it!)
Usually I don't even bother with self help books because you hear the same things over and over, 'love yourself', 'its easy','what could be quicker?' but this book doesn't look at it like that, it's very down to earth and realistic although sometimes it seem's a bit harsh.
The book starts with what I found to be a rather amusing 'pointless pledge' where it get's you to solemnly swear to accept how you are and want to do something about it. Straight from the beginning, your introduced to 'the inner bitch' someone deep inside all of us that we have to unleash. 'She' or 'he' will kick your ass into shape, motivate you and tell you all the things even your best friends wouldn't say to you. This book really does take the tough love approach, it's amusing yet vicious which I feel will be good for some but not so good for others but if you read between the lines there is an awful lot of good advice there we can all take on board!
Now as much as I like her approach in giving us all a realistic view of ourselves and a good kick up the backside, there are some parts where she may take it too far and in the long run could upset quite a few people. The book encourages you to basically hate your body so that you have the motivation to want to be pro-active and do something about it. One part tells you to stand in front of the mirror naked and chant to yourself 'I'm a fat bitch,' it even tells you this should be your mantra but surely if your buying this book then your more than likely highly unhappy with your image and feel like everyone's putting you down anyway, so surely you shouldn't add to it and continue to put yourself down?
Overall there are some plus and minus's to this book. I really do think it's helpful and can really help you achieve realistic goals but you do have to take what she say's with a pinch of salt. I know people buy, read and follow some self help books like its a religion but this one is a lot more relaxed. Follow the advice but don't let the negativity get into your head or you'll find your goals a whole lot harder to achieve. Find it amusing and you'll find it helpful.



  1. Sounds pretty harsh! I don't personally think that system would work for me! But I had never heard of this book before your review so i may go check it out now as you say its quite funny :) x

    1. It is a bit harsh i found but there was a few useful tips! definitly worth a flick through! x