Monday, 18 March 2013

Keep your House Clean. Keep your Body Lean.

The dreaded housework. Hours slaving away to make your home clean and tidy. It's not really my idea of fun and sometimes it really does feel like a chore but it is actually rather useful in other ways than just keeping a lovely home. Exercise  Exercise is up there on my list of things I can't be bothered to do but I do anyway it often feels like a chore but recently I found out by cleaning your house you are actually killing two birds with one stone! (So to speak). It turns out that housework is a very rewarding form of exercise and you can burn an awful lot of calories this way and work on toning your body whilst you're at it!

House Work
Calories Burned on average
73 calories
Making the bed
68 calories
85 calories
Washing the dishes
78 calories
78 calories
119 calories
Washing the floor
129 calories
Washing the windows
102 calories
Washing the car
102 calories

And those calories are burnt with very little movement! Turn on some music and get funky whilst cleaning, move more and you can burn twice as many calories! It all really does add up.
You can even burn more calories by doing things such as;

  •  Leaving the laundry basket on the floor so you have to keep bending over! (almost like standing crunches)
  •  Carrying things up the stairs one by one so you have to keep running up and down them.
  •  Use wax polish instead of spray polish, you'll have to work harder to rub it in.
  •  Clean out your cupboards, constantly reaching to the back.
  •  Moving the furniture about to hoover under things.
  •  Dusting all top shelves and high places to flatten that tummy.
Of course everybody is going to be different and lose the calories at a different rate but hopefully now you can see that it really is simple and effective. So there really is no excuse not to clean the house now! Pick up an apron, grab a cloth and start working on your clean house and lean body!


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