Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Peplum Trousers, a Leg too Far?

Peplum. Not just an amusing word I assure you. The Peplum has swept our planet this year and pushed itself to the forefront of fashion in such a small space of time. But what is a Peplum? Basically it is a short over skirt that is attached to usually skirts, jackets or dresses. It's sleek and sophisticated and makes the waist appear thinner giving you a fuller hourglass figure, a favourite with most celebrities but bought into the spot light a lot by none other than Kim Kardashian.
Kim Kardashian - Peplum Skirt
The Peplum was first brought to our attention as a dress. At first I thought this was a wacky, useless design that wouldn't catch on but the more I saw it, the more I started to think it was really flattering and encouraged people to look curvy and embrace their curves instead of trying to hide them! Peplum dresses are the perfect casual chic dress but can easily be worn as the perfect office dress, party dress, night out on the town dress and so much more! I rather liked the Peplum by this point and its popularity was sky rocketing, so inevitably along came the Peplum skirt. With its throw back connotations of the classic pencil skirt, the Peplum skirt was still up there in the fashion stakes. It's still sophisticated and structured yet had more of a laid back (and depending on what you paired it with) a girly look to it. It could go with an array of outfits, a staple in any closet.
Peplum - Trousers
But then they took the Peplum a step to far (or should I say a leg too far, rather literally!) and Peplum trousers were born, and in my opinion should be destroyed. Peplum's are good and trousers have always been a plus in humanities books but the two should really not be mixed together. The idea of the peplum is to flatter the shape, the skirt or dress tapers in at the waist and knee's for an ultra-feminine shape that covers the hips and lower stomach where any lumps and bumps may be, scoring top trumps on the amazing things to wear list. Whereas Peplum trousers are rarely flattering, this is because it draws a lot of attention to your thigh area which is smoothed over on a skirt or dress, it's a lot going on in such a small area and it subtracts all the femininity. It's like its missing the point of itself!
So overall, I am a fan of the Peplum if it's worn correctly. It can be a fashionable statement piece that complements your shape but my advice to most people would be to stay away from the Peplum trousers. They don't really do anyone any favours, if you're going to go Peplum, go for a skirt, dress or even top for that feminine, sleek look!


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