Wednesday, 13 March 2013

BB Creams. What's the Point?!

BB Creams. Every time we turn on the TV or even flick a page of a magazine there is another advert for the 'magic' cream. They seem to have exploded into all of our lives at the end of 2011 but even though they have such a large following and coverage I still found myself asking, several months later, what are they? Well BB means Blemish Balm or in some companies Beauty Balm. OK that’s what it means, but what do they do and why are they so big!? As well as making your skin look fabulous, BB creams are supposed to be good for you as well! The creams were developed by dermatologists for patients who had gone through laser surgery, it’s supposed to be beneficial, nourishing and all around amazing for your skin. The Overall idea of BB creams are that they provide you with SPF protection
(Always handy to have in a skin care product), moisturization
And sheer coverage also the products boast soothing and healing properties! To me it does sound like a tinted moisturizer but BB creams are supposed to be that and so much more! One of the main reasons BB creams 'cover' so much in one product is so that you can use 'one product' it eliminates the need for having a hundred and one products (although I don't think it’s going to stop us from owning 101 products!)
MUA (make-up academy) light BB cream
My first run in with the cream, apart from through the television, was when I decided to see what all the fuss was about myself. I bought a MUA (make-up academy) light BB cream for £4 a very reasonable price I felt. What interested me about this cream was that not only was it cheap so ideal for testing the product but it boasted 'a multi-functional formula that conceals, brightens and evens out skin tone for a perfect complexion' which is what most women are trying to achieve by wearing make-up every day. The coverage and tone was really really good, I can just whack on a bit of the cream where it's needed and be done for the day. The only down side to this particular cream was that in some places it made my skin appear a bit dried out but this cream say's nothing about moisturizing or anything of the sort on the packaging so I'm not going to hold it against it.
There are a million and one BB Cream's out there and a million and one articles saying 'chose this one!' 'Pick me!' but honestly if you want a BB cream, reviews and others opinions will only get you so far. You need to get out there and try some, have a look through a selection of creams and determine what you want yours to do! Don't forget there's always tester's you can try so you can see the type of coverage you’re getting and how it will affect your skin. That's another reason why I'm not saying which one you should get because everyone's different. Everyone has a different budget, different needs and most importantly, different skin types what may be good for one, may not be good for another and products like this can affect people very differently so be pro-active and go out and test them ourselves! Take a friend for opinions and who knows you may even have a bit of fun testing them out!

But in general if you are looking for a quick, easy and amazingly good product for your skin I would definitely recommend looking into BB creams. You can wear it as a primer, under foundations, as a foundation or just on its own and still look fabulous with all the benefits of an SPF moisturizer that looks after your skin and makes you glow!

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