Friday, 29 March 2013

Be a yummy Muffin Without the Top!

Spare Tyre, love handles? Muffin tops? And no, i'm not talking about your favorite treat. A lot of us have them but it doesn't mean we actually want them and actually they are quite simple to get rid of! So you can be a yummy muffin without the top! For those of you lucky or ignorant people who don't know what the muffin top is, its the overhanging fleshy bit that spills out over your waistband to put it bluntly! They are mainly fat but the muscles surrounding it attaches to it to giving you those undesired little muffin tops!You must remember when working out you can't always just focus on one area and expect to see results there, you have to do a rounded workout, you will lose body fat and reduce area's in size quicker that way but that doesn't mean there aren't some useful tips to help.
Summer is fast approaching with clingy dresses and small tops the staple diet in our warm wardrobes so here are some amazing tips to banish those muffin tops for the summer!

  • Eat citrus fruit such as lemons, oranges, grapefruit or tangerines. According to, these fruits are rich in vitamin C, which helps the body speed up the ability to burn fat by diluting the fat.
  • Eat banana's! Banana's have potassium, one banana gives you roughly 25% of your recommended daily amount. Potassium is important because it helps boost and improve your metabolism so you can bur calories and fat. Also potassium helps regulate your water balance so you wont have to worry so much about water weight!
  • The Plank and side plank are fabulous exercises that tone up all the muscles there, so when the fat is stripped away you are left a toned and tight mid section!
  • Drink green tea! a nice green brew will boost your metabolism and give you energy so you feel hydrated and renewed. No excuse not to exercise now.
  • Drink lots of water. A tip we all know but don't seem to do as much as we should!
  • Exercise! Cardio is important it will shrink you all around your body and generally tone you up. The best exercise I find for loosing the love handles is jogging. Try and push your self by doing a long slow jog, keeping your heart rate elevated constantly for more than half and hour and try and use long strides that will keep your hips moving.
  • Avoid processed foods (take aways, ready meals) these contain amazingly high amounts of fat and salt which makes you retain water and just generally makes you pile on the pounds, especially in area's where you are most susceptible to weight gain quickly (i.e muffin tops)
There are millions of tips and tricks so get started with these ones and see what works for you! You can be A yummy muffin, without the muffin top!


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