Saturday, 16 March 2013

Carbonara for Idiots.

Carbonara is one of my favourite meals, although I never used to make it myself. I always used to get it at restaurants or in a ready meal thinking it was too hard and expensive to make! Bit of a posh dish! And yes, carbonara for idiots, apt'ly named because if I can make it, you surely can! Now for those of you who don't know, carbonara is an incredibly yummy pasta dish with a creamy sauce made with bacon or ham, eggs and cream, Its simply amazing and thanks to a little secret cheat from Tesco (or probably any other supermarket, that's just where I buy it from) it's incredibly easy and cheap to make and that is coming from me! The girl who can burn water!

You will need:

  • 1 sachet of schwartz spaghetti carbonara (recipe mix) -90p
  • Bacon - £1.70
  • Mushrooms (any will do, I use button mushrooms) -75p
  • (3/4 pint) semi-skimmed milk -84p
  • Spaghetti. - 30p 

Step 1: First of all bring the spaghetti to the boil, the whole meal should be done by the time the spaghetti is cooked, it really is that quick! (Salt if needed)

Step 2: Fry the bacon until it's nice and crispy. It really doesn't particularly matter what bacon you get, I tend to go for the cheapest I can find in this dish, it's going to 
be diced up anyway! 

Step 3: Chop up the mushrooms and throw them in with the bacon to fry.

Step 4: Mix the carbonara sachet with the milk and then bring to the boil, (make sure you don't burn anything during this stage, it wouldn't be the first time I have.)

Step 5: Drain off the pasta and add to the sauce (sorry I haven't got a picture for this stage but if you don't know how to drain pasta, I would strongly advise not even trying this dish, for your own safety)

Step 6: Cut up the bacon and mix the bacon bits and mushrooms in 
with the spaghetti and sauce. Heat through for a few minutes altogether 
and you should be done! 

You can serve this dish however you like and with whatever you like! A few good tips would be to try adding or serving with chicken, use sausages in the mix too, Serve with cheese, mix and match with whatever you can find in your cupboards, the list is endless, it truly is a versatile dish. Traditionally carbonara is served with a red wine but since I'm not much of a drinker, I like this dish with 7up (classy I know). So hopefully now you can see how cheap and easy this dish really is, you will try it yourself! It's perfect for students, couples and families and takes less than 15 minutes to make! Happy cooking!


Finished Carbonara.

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