Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Motivation? Can't be Arsed.

Isn't always as easy as it sounds though is it?
Most of the time I really struggle with getting motivated and even more so with staying motivated but at the moment I seem to be having some sort of brain fart of idea's that's propelling my motivational levels to heights they haven't reached in a long time. But how long will it last and is there an easy solution to the universal motivation problems?
Well, No. Motivation comes and goes as it pleases but lots of us seem to let our minds get in the way of getting motivated. It's all in your head. The Biggest factor effecting motivation is failure or fear of failure.
Lack of Motivation is lack of focus, lack of direction and lack of confidence. I'm preaching this because it's true. I had the idea of starting a blog in 2011 when I was studying journalism but I was terrified that no-one would care or be interested in what I had to write and that I would just fail before I even started. But I decided that I had too many idea's built up and spilling out that I had to take the risk and put my idea's out there and so far, all seems to be going well (touch wood).
So here are a few tips to get the motivation going:

1. Put yourself out there. I know it's scary, the thought of what people will think about you or your idea's but don't worry about them just think for every ten people that don't like what you're doing another ten will love it! Also if you're out there publicly, you will feel a bigger need to succeed  You will subconsciously try harder because you want people to believe you can do it too!

2. Positives not negatives. Again this one is easier said than done but in life you really do have to focus on the positives not the negatives. If you generally have a negative view about yourself and your idea's you will probably not be motivated to do anything with yourself or try to make something out of what you have. If you're having negative thoughts, just think, 'this will work', I am good', everything is going swimmingly!'

3. Set yourself achievable goals. Although it is good to aim high and dream big, when starting something or just in general everyday life, it's better to set achievable goals. That way you will feel better when you achieve them and you will achieve what you want more regularly, which will keep your mood elevated and your thoughts positive! Also setting unrealistic and humongous targets can result in you giving up quicker because you're not seeing the results you want, instantly.

4. Get excited. If your excited, your more likely to think about what you want or what your doing more often. Which means ideas will be constantly zooming round your head and you may have a brain fart that makes you get up and put your motivation in motion!

5. Simple yet effective. Think about what you have achieved. Not what you have yet to achieve. If things haven't quite gone your way, don't fret or spend ages analysing what your doing wrong. Plans can be broken. And if you regularly stop to think about what you have achieved and appreciate it, you may be pleasantly surprised and even get ideas and more motivation from that.

So even though there is no major quick fix for lack of motivation, there are things you can do to help you get going and although they may not always be easy, the are effective if you stick to it. Remember the old phrase;
'Rome wasn't built in a day'
Everything worth having and doing take's time, you have to work at it so don't worry if you don't see progress instantly. You will still be progressing.


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