Monday, 25 February 2013

Bow's Jewellery. Business as usual.

Starting this blog I never even thought about the people I would come across on my travels, which meant I was pleasantly surprised to find that the first person to actually follow my blog was a lovely girl named Grace. A lovely girl named Grace who owns her own jewellery shop!
As I got to know the girl behind the jewellery I learnt that she is MY age, didn't go to uni and she already has a successful business!
How?! I asked myself but as I saw her jewellery, I didn't have to ask anymore!

Butterfly Neclace
Bow's jewellery is magnificently unique, quirky and definitely fills a niche in the market a lot of us were desperate for. The jewellery itself is incredibly well made and well tested, as she wears the pieces herself to make sure they are safe and sturdy. Health and safety is also taken into consideration, as the metals she uses are nickel and led free (which is a bonus for me because I'm often allergic to metals on my skin, so this way I don't have to worry and still look amazing!)
What I like most about her jewellery is that every piece is well thought out and there's such a wide variety of all types of accessories that means you're spoilt for choice!

One of Bows Necklaces
I once worked for Claire's accessories and whilst I liked all the jewellery there it was all very much the same and everyone was wearing it! There was nothing that really jumped out and grabbed my attention, so I never really bought anything, whereas five minutes on Bow's jewellery and I have already spent half of my wages!
The pieces will have you standing out from the crowd as it's not the kind of mass produced, factory line jewellery you find on the high street and the prices are amazing. It's an independent business but the prices are incredibly low for what your getting, you can definitely spend more on the high street and I don't feel you get as much for your money!

Now some of you may be wondering why I'm pushing this so hard and it's simply because it's an amazing independent business! Every month over 300 small businesses in the UK alone go out of business because they simply don't do the trade and I think that is such as shame! I want people to realise the potential of these small stores and really help support them or we will lose them. Although I don't think Bow's has to worry about this with over 10,000 Facebook 'likes' and the business is only coming up to it's first birthday in April!

Octopus I was given on my 20th
So I think Bow's jewellery is definitely one to watch! Before I had even started my blog or even knew who Grace or Bows Jewellery was, I was given an octopus necklace for my birthday which I instantly fell in love with, so you can imagine my surprise when I found out that this incredible birthday gift was from Bow's jewellery itself! So all of you jewellery lovers, and I know there's a lot out there, Go check out Bow's and let us know what you think, or buy! And to everyone else just remember, small businesses need your help, they're real people who work hard to bring quality to you so use their stores, shop with them and keep independent businesses alive!

One thing is for sure, this shop will never be dull.


Bow's Jewellery:

Nautical Bracelet

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  1. This is amazing, and so flattering, thank you sweetheart!! xxx