Monday, 18 February 2013

Love your Genes, in your Jeans!

Weight loss and changing our body's (naturally or unnaturally) is something today's generation has been brought up along side off, Nowadays no-one bats an eyelid if you mention in passing 'i'm going on a diet' or 'I need to shed a few pounds' and self ridicule is 'the norm'.
But should it be?

Nearly the last ten years of my life I have been obsessed with my imperfections and flaws. 'my tummy is pudgy', 'thunder thighs', 'I need to lose weight!' I have tried every trick of the trade to slim down and tone up and where these tricks do tend to help me lose a bit of weight or maybe change my shape a bit, I'm starting to realize that its not necessarily my fault (although that chocolate cake didn't help!) and that i'm never going to be an ultra slim, super suave model and that maybe my genes are having an impact on this issue.

I eat fairly healthily (I am partial to a bit of chocolate) jog regularly, walk everywhere, visit the gym most days and have a plethora of do it yourself exercise DVD's but nothing seems to banish my wobbly thighs!
For years I have complained and my mum always (jokingly) apologizes stating 'you get that from me!' I never really payed much attention to this, laughing it off with her, but recently i gave it some serious thought. We are all different shapes and sizes, whats normal for some people might not be normal for me so why should I punish my body for something that is just not realistic to me?

Now for the sciencey bit; our genetic 'make-up' influences our abilities to gain and loose weight, some people (like me and my mum) just have to look at food and we gain weight where as others can eat to their hearts content and not gain a single pound!
Although food, exercise and environment are huge factors in our weight, studies are showing that people with more of certain 'weight' genes do struggle more with controlling weight and keeping a balance.

I think it is important to lead a healthy and active lifestyle for more reasons than just weight but after looking at the research i'm starting to understand (and slowly accept) that however much I try and change my body i'm always going to be stuck with things like big thighs or my mothers eyes. I don't have time to fret as much as I was about things that are not 100% in my control. instead I should just accept it and move on! (putting this into practice is much harder but i'm trying!)

At the moment I have a target. Before I set myself unrealistic and simply crazy targets such as 'I must lose a stone in two months' etc but now I have simply decided that I have to fit nicely and comfortably into a pair of jeans that are a bit too small for me (at the moment). I am much more happy and stress free trying to achieve this goal. I don't feel like its getting the best of me and I have no more sleepless nights fretting about how much weight I want/need too lose!
So that is my challenge to anyone who is looking to lose a bit of weight, set yourself a target to just fit into a nice pair of jeans and you may find you achieve it quicker than you may of thought possible!
And just remember be healthy and happy. Exercise and enjoy yourself but don't forget somethings you can't change, biology is not always destiny and you should love those bits because they are what makes you, you!


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