Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Aye Aye, Eyebrows!

Eyebrows are not always a big concern on our to-do lists but sometimes it’s nice to have a good old eye brow wax. But paying £5 and up isn't always affordable. Luckily I have found an amazingly cheap, easy and effective way to banish those bushy brows, by yourself, without paying the beauticians price tag.

I use super drugs own brand eyebrow shapers to achieve my lovely brows. For less than two pounds they supply you with 4 sleeves of pre-cut strips in the shape of eyebrows! What could be simpler? And I will even tell you step by step how to achieve perfect brows, on the cheap, in minutes!

 DIY eyebrows:

Step 1. The wax shapers come in handy eyebrow shaped strips that allow you to get a perfect shape every time.  This is one of the reasons I find doing it myself easy because the shape is already there! All you do is peel the strip you want (rather carefully) and apply it to the upper contour of your eyebrow, where you think the hair needs to be removed. Remember though it's better to take off too little hair than too much hair, this is why they give you a lot of wax strips so you can work at it too achieve perfect eyebrows! Once the strip is on, make sure to apply pressure, just give it a rub, this makes sure you pick up the hairs all in one go so you don't have to keep going over the same spot a hundred times.

Step 2. PULL. There's not a lot to step two, just be firm and quick. Hold down the surrounding skin if needed, it may sound painful but i can assure you, if you do it properly its quick and rather painless!
Step 3. This step is almost exactly the same as step one but it concentrates on the lower half of your brow/eyelid. The pack contains shapers that fit perfectly, although I find it useful to use a surprised face, so your eyelids raise up high, this allows you to get a really crisp, clean and defined line. Put in place. Pat down and PULL again and your brow should be taking place!

Step 4. There are little rectangular strips in the packet these are for your uni brow area and the ends, it's a quick way just to neaten up around the eyebrow and your face looking fresh.

Step 5. The hard part is all over. All you need to do now is pluck any strays that decided to hang on in there and perhaps apply a bit of moisturizer (although these strips are so sensitive I often find I don't have to bother and can go straight out after waxing) and your eyebrows should be looking amazing!

Now with everything in this world there are pro's and con's. The pro's to doing your eyebrows yourself is it's a lot cheaper than travelling to get it done professionally, it's fun, really quick and you can do it as often as you like once you know how, you don't have to book yourself in and pray they have a slot free for you, if you need them done desperately  The cons are (obviously) you're not having them done professionally which is another reason you would pay beauticians price tags and there's always a chance it could go wrong, although as long as your sensible, take my advice or even read the instructions then you should be fine!

Personally I love doing my eyebrows myself, I feel like I've achieved something and I find it fun! Even my friends and neighbours come to me to have their eyebrows done and I've never had anyone complain yet! Also I love the fact that I've saved money and i can do it in the comfort of my own home. But the question is, is anyone brave enough to have ago themselves? Or are the pennies saved not worth it?

-Before                              After-                


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