Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Making the Gym Bareable

Some people are gifted with enjoying the gym. Others, like me, hate it. I only tolerate it because I know I want to make a change and in the end it will be worth it but I really do sometimes struggle to pull myself out of bed to go and when I get there there's a bigger struggle to stay!

So I have been trying different things to make the gym bearable, Fun even!

  • Take a friend. This one isn't exactly some sort of new discovery but it true and easy. I go to the gym with my mum, it gives us time to see each other and bond since I moved out and it also makes the both of us competitive. We like to try and out do each other and push each other for better at the same time!
  • Find a gym that You actually like. When I was in school I used to go to the gym that was closest and cheapest. For about a week this worked. I felt uncomfortable and out of my depth so I just stopped going, now I go to a different gym that I feel welcome at and like nobody is judging me. Slightly weird, I am aware but it really does make a difference!
  • Music. Another obvious one but recently I have discovered the wonder's of audio books! they are awesome at the gym because you can still be completely aware of your surroundings whilst getting lost in the book and it distracts you from the time because you done have the preset, 4 minutes that a music track is. I've actually found myself doing longer at the gym because I have lost track of time completely!
  • Cover up the time. This is another trick I have learned at the gym, I find it boring to sit on a machine for 15 minutes and do the same thing over and over and over whilst being taunted by the little red flashing numbers reminding you that you still have ten minutes of this left! So I have taken to covering the display with my towel and just get lost in what i'm doing. You don't concentrate on the time and this way you go for as long as your body want's to go for!
  • Switch it up! Doing the same old things, in the same old order every time you go to the gym can get really boring, really fast so switch it up. Don't be afraid to ask to be shown new things it can really benefit your mind set at the gym but also your body. It's healthy to switch your exercises now and then so your muscles and body don't get to used to what your doing.
  • Set Targets. Try and aim to do longer or more or a higher intensity every time you go. Do this in little steps but it really does motivate you, you feel better at the end of the week when you've managed to run for an extra ten minutes or lift more weights than you started of doing!
I hope these tips helped you, feel free to leave your own comments on what you do to make the gym fun!


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  1. I agree with these 100%. I also beat myself up at the gym :D
    I never let myself too easy, saying to myself: if you're muscles don't ache after a work-out, it was not effective enough. Result: I usually feel I should crawl out of the gym on all fours when it's my leg-training day.
    Another good thing to do would be to start with 10 mins warm-up on the rowing machine, the treadmill, the cross-trainer etc. and then start a round of doing your weight-training and only go to each set once, then going back to the cardio to up your heart rate and start another round. I like this better and skip a lot of hanging out -time by doing each set of reps and moving swiftly along :)