Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Bucket Lists.

Recently I have been thinking more and more about the future, what I'm going to do, going to be, What will be when I die and one thing that rather scares me is not doing anything with my life. Not being able to say 'I've done this' or 'I am that'. Now I know for a fact that I am far from the only one that feels this, especially as you get older, which is where the lovely 'Bucket List' comes into it all.
A bucket list if you haven't guessed is a list of things you want to do and achieve before you die. The be all and end all of to do lists.

There is a bit of a debate about Bucket Lists and whether or not you should make one. The con's mainly are that you may not finish your list and feel awful about it when the time come and that's counter productive because you want to feel fulfilled and happy when you die. Also it can be a bit depressing thinking about dying and can put you off even thinking about these kind of things, but ask yourself
'Would I be happy dying today knowing what I have achieved and done in my lifetime?' I wouldn't and there are a million and one things I want to do before die.
Which leads us onto the 'pro' side of the list. I think a Bucket List will push you to do amazing things, live life to the full and really challenge yourself. You could learn a lot and leave this world happy and in the knowledge that you have done what you wanted or even left this world a slightly better place.

My advice would be, if you write a Bucket List you have some level of commitment, you have to really want to do what you write and push yourself to do them or else you will let yourself down.
Another piece of advice would be to tell friends and family, get them involved too if you wish. It might push you towards doing everything and leave you with amazingly happy memories of times with them.
So personally I think Bucket Lists are amazing and everyone should have some sort of a list. you can have anything at all on the list, anything you have ever thought would be cool or dreamed of doing.

Whilst researching Bucket Lists I came across another blog of an amazing 17 year old girl who unfortunately died of cancer. She had a bucket list and documented every memory on the blog, it truly is lovely and inspirational. Her sister and family now carry on the blog and the list, raising money for the charity 'Alice's Escapes' which allows terminally ill children to have amazing adventures and experiences.
Alice's Bucket List is really inspirational because it is helping others, she has made this earth a little better and made many other children and families happier.

So grab a pen and paper and start writing. Try not to regret anything you haven't done and strive for the next thing! Also try and add something to your list that would help someone else. Put a smile on their face.
Hopefully you will achieve some amazing fetes and embark on fantastic adventures, so when you finally come to actually kicking the metaphorical bucket, you're happy in the knowledge you had a brilliant life.

(feel free to tell me what's on your list!)


For Inspiration...
Alices blog :
Millies fundraising page :

Here's a little insight into my list...
  • Swim with dolphins.
  • Bungee Jump.
  • Cuddle a REAL koala.
  • Go on holiday (somewhere outside the uk).
  • Go on a hot air balloon.
  • Cook a roast dinner from scratch.
and many, many, MANY more! x

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