Friday, 12 April 2013

Skin! Look after it and it will look after you!

Skin! Something we all have and would have a lot of trouble going about our daily business without it (or even surviving without it for that matter) but a lot of the time most of us don't even think about it and definitely don't look after it! I'm writing this because I have been trying to improve my skin lately and make it look better but it lead me to question how to do this and why! So I thought I would share my findings with you!

Our skin works hard to look after us! It keeps us warm and cool, protects us against the weather (or if your in Britain, mainly just the rain), fights of infections for us so we don't get ill, allows us to feel with millions of nerves in it and much more! It is one of our biggest and complex organs yet we seem to forget about it and mistreat but why should we? You wouldn't treat your heart or your brain like that!
Now for something that may put you off your food but I thought I'd share anyway because it's rather fascinating! we shed about 40,000 every hour! That's almost a million a day! It constantly regenerates and pushes the old, dead, skin cells out leaving you with healthy, fresh and new skin! why thank you skin! The disgusting part is that the skin cells lay around your house and everywhere you go collecting and ending up as dust! Which is an amazing reason to keep your house clean, so you don't have billions of little dead, 'you' bits hanging around!
So here is how to do it and get some awesome looking and feeling skin!

  • Eat healthy. What you put into your body can be reflected on the outside. The general consensus is if you are healthy your skin is healthy!
  • A very obvious one is to protect yourself from the sun. Sun damage can cause an array of problems such as cancer and can make you age a lot quicker.
  • Water is especially important and I can definitely preach this point! If you are dehydrated your skin can look older and tired, something none of us would want so make sure to drink plenty of the right things, especially if drinking alcohol. 
  • Sleep.
  • Wash of your makeup at night! It can block your pores and damage your skin and then re-wash your face in the morning before reapplying to make sure everything is fresh and clean, it also helps avoid infections although be careful when washing! Strong soaps or over washing can get rid of the skin's natural oils that protect your skin and keep it healthy!
  • Face masks can help the appearance of skin, they are quite cheap and come with a host of benefits such as banishing blackheads, cleansing, toning and much more (plus they are quite fun if I do say so myself!)
  • Skip a day of makeup. whenever you can, try and not wear makeup that day, even if its just around the house, it allows you skin to breath and promotes it to heal itself, get rid of more dead skin cells and make you look healthy and radiant!
  • Moisturize! A lot of the time our skin can lack moisture, especially because of our surroundings and environments  so moisturizers can top up what our skin needs! It's better to get a natural moisturiser, one with less chemicals so your face can breath a lot more. I recommend 'Dream Cream' from Lush, it is amazing and I swear by it! If you want to find out more about it, keep an eye on the blog I will be posting a review on the stuff!
  • Try and relax. Stress causes effects on your skin such as dehydration, wrinkles and lines, spots, patchy-ness, redness and a lot more! So chill out and your skin will stay clear and lovely!
  • Drink green tea. Personally I think the stuff is disgusting but always try and get a cup of it in when I remember! The tea has anti-inflammatory properties which helps reduce puffy skin and redness!
  • Vitamins. If you can try and regularly take vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D complex and vitamin C, it will give your skin and your body everything it is lacking so it can keep protecting you and doing its job properly.
So there are a few tips to get you going, it is quite simple but highly important to look after your skin. If you have any other tips or anything let me know! It would be interesting to find out more about this, it's something you have your whole life and as you get older especially you have to take care of yourself and skin is a priority we sometimes overlook.



  1. I agree with all your tips! I am in complete agreement that eating healthy should be #1 on the list!

    1. Thank You! its so simple yet so effective, more people should definitely do it!